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Currently there are 13 legal goods and 3 illegal goods. All of their prices are dynamic and can be checked via the smartphone or user panel.

Besides that, most of them can be found on the map. Some can not be found on the map.


Good Legal On Map Producer Processor Trader "Default" Price Fuel truck needed
Sand Sand mine Sand processing Glass trader 2.000$ X
Copper Copper mine Copper processing Metal trader 2.200$ X
Iron Iron mine Iron processing Metal trader 2.600$ X
Silver Silver mine Silver processing Metal trader 2.800$ X
Gold Gold mine Gold processing Metal trader 3.000$ X
Wooden planks Lumberjack camp Plank factory Wood trader 2.800$ X
Firewood Lumberjack camp Firewood processor Wood trader 2.800$ X
Charcoal Lumberjack camp Charcoal burning Wood trader 2.800$ X
Fabric X Growing Textile factory Tailor 3.500$ X
Polyester Oil well Oil refinery (Polyester) Tailor 3.500$
Canister (petrol) Oil well Oil refinery (Petrol) Any gas station 4.250$
Honey (Blue) X Honey hives Honey processor (Blue) Honey trader 3.600$ X
Honey (Red) X Honey hives Honey processor (Red) Honey trader 3.600$ X
Mushrooms X Mushroom farm Vacuum sealer Drug dealer 4.200$ X
Marijuana X Marijuana plantation Vacuum sealer Drug dealer 4.200$ X
Nature weed X X Growing Vacuum sealer Drug dealer 4.200$ X

Farming goods will slightly increase your reputation.

Special Infos

In order to farm petrol or polyester you have to own and use a fuel truck. Besides that for petrol, you have to check the request of petrol on any gas station by testing or by using the Over-Fuel-App on your smartphone. The app can be installed at the oil refinery if you reached oil refining level 10. If there is no global demand of petrol, you can't sell it, but you can store the petrol in your locker or sell it in the auction house.