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To sell packed nature weed or fabric you have to consider and do some things beforehand. You have to buy seeds to grow and find a safe spot so your weed doesn't get destroyed by others. It definitely takes more time than usual farming routes because it's a passive way to farm. Nonetheless, you need to water your plant; otherwise, it will die. The time you need to water your plants depends on you Skill in Gathering. More details are provided below.

Get started

Avalible seeds - 04/15/23

The first step is to visit the "botany store" in Laruns. There you will find a NPC who sells you seeds for your nature weed or cotton. Prepare yourself with these statistics to choose which kind of seeds you want to take.

Attribute/Name Cotton Seeds Willylaza Seeds OG Kush Seeds Exotic Thai Seeds Bubba Kush Seeds
Price per seed (base) 200$ 500$ 4.375$ 13.150$ 29.150$
Time to fully grown 15min 3h 6h 12h 24h
Lifetime after fully grown 1h 1h 2h 4h 6h
Yield 5 3 7 16 34
Max. time without watering 30min 1,5h 3h 5h 10h

Search a spot

After you chose your seeds, you now have to search for a safe spot to plant your seeds. It has to be secure, and only you or a trusted person should know the location; otherwise, a stranger could come by and steal or destroy everything.

Once you have selected your spot, you can plant your seeds via "Place object." Now you have to wait and water your crops a few times to make them grow.

For example: If you want to plant Bubba Kush Seeds, it has a growing time of 24 hours. You can water it every 30 minutes but if you don't water it within 10 hours, the plant will die. After it's fully grown, it has to be watered within every 6 hours. Otherwise the grown plant will die. If you manage it to harvest the fully grown out plant, you will get 34 (nature weed) items.

Selling (Nature weed)

After you have harvested all of your weed plants, you need to go to the "Vacuum Sealer". This structure is located on the north side of the island (If you have a map, it will show the exact location of the Vacuum Sealer). Once you have sealed everything, you can then go up to the drug dealer and sell your natural weed. The drug dealer is located on the north-west part of the island. (Refer to the map for the exact location of the Drug Dealer.)