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Why do we need your help?

Our team is working on this project during our free time. We are not a development studio, and none of us work full-time on this project. We are just a group of regular people like you who enjoy playing games and programming in our free time. However, in addition to the effort we put in, there are also expenses for root servers, virtual servers, DDOS protection, licenses, and so on. Since the start in June 2022, we have covered most of these costs ourselves.

In December 2022, we did offer some cosmetic in-game content, such as vehicle skins, to donors. Unfortunately, only a few people contributed without receiving these minor cosmetic items. We understand that the price of Arma Reforger is quite high, and therefore it's understandable that people may not be willing to contribute. In January 2023, after consultation with Bohemia Interactive (BI), we deactivated this donation option, as it is currently not possible to unlock ingame content (even if only cosmetically) without server monetization guidelines. While these guidelines exist for Arma 3 and DayZ, we have not been told when and if this will be implemented for Arma Reforger. Understandably, many things are much higher on the priority list at BI - and that's a good thing. But for all server owners, not just us, it means that a significant portion of server costs must be paid by themselves. Therefore, we need your support to continue the project in its current scope.

So if you enjoy playing on our servers and can spare some money, we would appreciate your support so that we don't have to bear the costs alone.

How to donate?

To support the project there are two options at the moment.

Via Ko-Fi

Here you can support us with an amount of your choice.

Through club membership

For a donation of 10€ you will receive the Discord role "Club Member" (incl. icon) for one month which also gives you access to the User-Panel to check some information about your ELAN-Account.

Use the button "Become a club member" on our Discord in the channel #commands to get a club member.