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Locker buy screen

Lockers serve as a secure haven for the citizens of Everon to safeguard their valuable items and belongings. Each locker, strategically placed in major towns, boasts a capacity of 200 items, including space for 2 weapons. This ensures that your possessions remain untouched during your absence.


Renting a locker comes at a fixed price of 1,000,000$. This is a one-time payment, granting permanent ownership without any recurring fees. The cost remains consistent for all users, irrespective of the location.


Everon's three primary towns, Saint-Philippe, Montignac, Saint-Pierre and the Crafting station, host lockers. Additionally, police officers benefit from exclusive lockers situated in every police station, including the South and East HQs.


Each locker's contents are synchronized across different servers. For instance, if you possess a locker in Montignac, its contents remain consistent across all servers. However, lockers in different locations operate independently. Owning lockers in both Montignac and Saint-Pierre means each will have distinct contents, functioning as separate storage units.

A long trip until now

A few months have passed since the first angry citizens of Everon showed up in front of the beautiful and quiet ELAN headquarters near upper Montignac. Armed with forks and torches, the protest grew for a permanent storage facility for hard-earned items. Security-Officer Meltdown Moritz already retreated to the ELAN country house in a rage after the initial riots. An assessment of the situation by our ever-friendly sheriff Wilson, who predicted that we should just sit it out, turned out to be a cardinal error of judgement. The outcry grew, much of the barricade has now been breached and the look on the frightened faces of Cortez and Nico shows that action must be taken. So Philton and Luca made a momentous decision. They broke open the secret safe on the 42nd floor of the ELAN Tower and stole the sacred lines of code for a permanent storage system. Hastily but full of drive, they implemented them in the hope of somehow deterring the angry mob from further assaults. A detailed log can be found at the changelogs.