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Auction house - 2023/04/14

The auction houses serve as bustling hubs where items can be bought and sold. Conveniently located in every major city, they facilitate trade and commerce among the citizens.

Notably, auction houses maintain synchronization across the servers, ensuring a unified trading experience.

Important Points & Restrictions

When engaging with the auction houses, the following guidelines and restrictions apply:

  • A citizen can host up to 4 active auctions concurrently.
  • Initiating an auction incurs a fee, amounting to 5% of the item's value.
  • Each auction has a lifespan of 48 hours.
  • After an auction concludes, the seller must collect their earnings or unsold items within 7 days.

Certain items are prohibited from being auctioned:

  • Faction-specific items.
  • Items with unique skins.
  • Incomplete magazines.
  • Weapons with a durability below 25%.