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Dont be a dick!

Treat others as you want to be treated! A player cannot be forced to withdraw money from the bank, park vehicles of any kind from the garage, provide the inventory of these or pass on their code in order to protect his own life.

Value of Life

Life is the highest good.

  • Every player should be aware that he has to protect life under all circumstances.
  • Life shall not be endangered or sacrificed for material things without justification.


As soon as you enter one of the servers, you take on the role you have made up and appropriate language is to be used. Words outside of the roleplay are to be refrained from (examples: server, admin, ban).


A player may shoot players if,

  • he was shot directly.
  • this player does not fulfill a request within reasonable time.
  • a motive has been created after extended role-playing.


Players are prohibited from engaging in vehicle deathmatching (VDM). VDM is defined as the intentional use of a vehicle to kill a player.

New Life

As soon as a player is killed by another player, the killed player must not provoke any contact with the Murderer for 15 minutes and is forbidden to again participate in the situation.


Using external media to gain an advantage in the game is prohibited.

For example:

  • Sidechat to provide or gain information that you would otherwise not have.
  • Using a 3rd party software (Discord, XboxParty, Teamspeak, Steam, Messengers, etc) to coordinate ingame.


If more than one person wants to act violently with anybody, those persons have to be in the same ingame group.

Disruptive Behavior

Any disruptive Behavior (senseless ramming of vehicles, playing music in crowds etc.) is forbidden.


  • The usage of multi accounts is strictly prohibited and will get you banned.
  • We just allow one account per xBox / PC. Using multiple accounts on the same device is therefore not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to evade a roleplay situation by leaving the server.
  • Exploiting bugs and cheating will result in a ban.
  • Trading in-game money, items, etc. for real money will result in a ban.


Always be respectful towards other participants in the side chat. Avoid offensive, defamatory, or provocative statements (No religious and political topics).

Group Spots

Those rules are only apply to fights for group spots like the Smugglers Village.


Only members of the attacking or defending group are allowed to participate at a event.

New Life

You are only allowed to participate at a event once, if you die you are not allowed to come back to the same event again.

Event area

Only the marked zone on the map is considered as event area.


The participating groups are allowed to shoot their opponents without interaction. Lingering at the edge of the zone can be considered as participants too and may be treated as such.

Event End

After the event has come to an end all fighting has to be stopped immediately.

Group conflicts

If two groups accepted a conflict at Don Antonio Calvary, members of both parties are allowed to kill each other without any consequences as long as the conflict is running and no bystanders are harmed.

Therefore both players has be logged in as civilian.

Please note: Combat Logging and VDM will still be penalized and you are not allowed to intervene a Group Spot Fight.

Airdrop Event

Event area

Only the marked zone on the map is considered as event area.


Only civilians are allowed to participate at the event.


You are allowed to kill on sight everybody inside the zone. To do so you must be inside the event zone. People who are obviously waiting / lingering at the edge of the zone can be considered as participants too and may be treated as such.

Event End

After the event has come to an end all fighting has to be stopped immediately.

Report rule violation

How-To report

In the Discord support area, select the "#commands" channel, then click on "Create Support Ticket" Button. As soon as you have pressed the button, a new channel will appear in the top of the channel list.

There you can present your case as detailed as possible. If available, please provide a link to the evidence you made (clip/screenshot).

Please Note: Handling times can vary depending on the timezone/day of time.

Xbox Players: Recording Audio for Reporting Purposes

Xbox players can record in-game audio and video to report incidents or player behavior. This section guides you through the steps to capture up to 60 seconds of gameplay, including voice chat.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Link Your Xbox App: First, connect your Xbox app to your console for remote play. This might require restarting your Xbox. The app is available on mobile devices and is essential for remote access to your console.
  2. Join Xbox Insider Hub: Download and install the Xbox Insider Hub app from your app store. Sign up for the "Xbox Update Preview" program, which is marked with a crane icon. This program provides access to the latest Xbox features, including advanced recording options.
  3. Record In-Game Voice Chat: Navigate to the "Parties & Chats" tab on your Xbox and activate the "Record In-Game Voice Chat" feature. This allows you to record gameplay and voice chat, capturing any incidents or inappropriate behavior.
  4. Replay and Record on Mobile: Use the remote play feature on your mobile device to replay your clip. During the replay, use your device's screen recording function to capture the footage, ensuring you have a record of the incident.
  5. Upload and Report: Upload the recorded clip to a platform of your choice and include it in your report for review by the staff team.

Tips for Effective Reporting

  • Keep your Xbox app updated to ensure compatibility and access to the latest features.
  • Familiarize yourself with your mobile device's remote play and screen recording functions for efficient recording.
  • A stable internet connection is important for stable remote play and recording.
  • Make sure your entire screen is shown. The most important parts will be the audio blimps and the bottom right showing the ID and time.