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The honeylake below Motignac

Beekeeping is a cherished tradition on Everone, with many island inhabitants partaking in this age-old practice. Scattered across the island are communal beehives, allowing any resident to harvest honey.

Beekeeping Basics

Beehives in the gardens of Everone

Over time, honeycombs form within these beehives. The island is home to two distinct bee varieties: those producing red honey and those yielding blue honey. These honeycombs can be harvested and processed at the honeylake, which houses separate processors for each honey type. Once processed, the honey can be sold at the honey dealer.

For those keen on diving into beekeeping, it's advisable to adopt the profession of beekeeper. This profession enhances your honey processing skills. Upon reaching level 7 in honey spinning, beekeepers can utilize the honey extractor to automatically process both honey types simultaneously.

It's worth noting that the market prices of red and blue honey influence each other, as detailed in the market price section.


Honeycombs in beehives
Honeycombs in beehives