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Distribution of reputation - 2023/04/14

The reputation is an internal numerical value with the limits , for which therefore applies . The reputation is to be considered as an indicator that shows how far a player has deviated from our desired play style. In-game, the reputation can be viewed in the player menu and is displayed as a value of 7 stages from negative--- to positive+++.

At this point, it should be mentioned that when using multi-accounts, the reputation values are transferred to the main account.


The value increases over time. Firstly, every player receives a credit every 24 hours, regardless of whether they have played or not, as long as the reputation is below a certain value. Secondly, the value changes based on playtime. This means that a certain amount is credited for each hour of playtime. The amount depends on various factors, including the time difference since the last kill. In other words the longer the last kill was in the past, the higher the credit. The maximum amount is reached after 3 to 5 days.

Negative changes in reputation are mainly caused by kills. It applies that the higher the reputation of the victim, the greater the deduction.


The effects of reputation should incentivize players to adopt a positive playstyle, while also serving as a warning to those who deviate from the playstyle our mod is concepted for. Although there are a variety of different effects, we will only list the most important ones here.

Shop prices

The reputation can have a positive or negative impact on shop prices depending on the current value. The effect depends on the individual shop, so the impact on the weapon shop may be different from that on the vehicle shop. In general, it can be assumed that the effect is linear and limited upwards and downwards. This could mean that even with a reputation of negative--, the maximum impact on the price is reached. It cannot be said that the reputation has already reached its minimum or maximum value just because the impact on the shop no longer changes!

Spawn points

Once a player's reputation reaches negative--, the spawn menu is limited to the camp of the forsaken, which should serve as a warning to change the playstyle immediately!

Durability and usage of weapons

Somewhere between the value of negative-- and negativ---, weapon attrition increases significantly, resulting in decreased weapon durability. When the lowest attainable reputation value is reached, weapons can no longer be fired.