Vehicle refueling

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All vehicles consume fuel when used. Even with the engine running and idling, the tank empties a bit.

There are currently two ways to refuel your vehicle.

Refueling with canisters

To refuel your vehicle by using a canister you first have to buy a canister filled with fuel at the general store or produce it by your own. You also could use the auction house.

When the canister is in your inventory just look at the vehicle, hold the interaction key and choose the option "Refuel (canister)".

Refueling at the gas station

Another option to refuel vehicles is by using the gas stations. Therefore you have to search a gas station and have to park next to the fuel pump. After that look at the vehicle, hold the interaction key and chose the option "Refuel (gas station)". Now the refueling process starts. It could take up to one minute if the fuel tank is empty and you want to refuel your vehicle completely. The process will be interuppted if the vehicle is moved or the distance between you and the vehicle is greater than 15 meters.


Since the big economic reform initiated by Philtosos in the year 2022 all citizens on everon can refuel their vehicles without any costs at the gas stations.