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Team ELAN controls In-game - 2023/04/14

If you having trouble or questions with your controls or hotkeys, you can find them as soon as you are connected to the Server.

To find them you can go to Settings -> Controls. Aftert that you will find the controls of the mod in the last category called "Team ELAN".

List of Controls

Name Keybind Controller
Interaction CAPS No Keybind
Interaction (Toggle) Hold GRAVE Hold RB
Open Playermenu F1 RIGHT DPad
Smartphone F2 No Keybind
Gestures GRAVE | F3 Hold LEFT DPad
Place object F4 LEFT DPad
Earplugs LShift + UP Arrow Key Hold DOWN DPad
Lock/Unlock vehicle U Hold UP DPad
Flip vehicle (only owner) K Y
Holster weapon LShift + H No Keybind
Surrender LShift + T Left Stick + Right Stick
Open Unit-State-Menu (cop only) LShift + F1 RB + RIGHT DPad
Stop escorting LShift + RIGHT Arrow Key RB + UP DPad
Open Placable-Menu F4 LEFT DPad
Place Placable F4 LEFT DPad

To bind the Smartphone on your Xbox, please follow this guide:

  • You enter your inventory screen
  • Press Y on the item you want to quick slot
  • You then press Y again on the bar on the bottom of the inventory screen (where your map is)
  • To access your phone, you hold the button that looks like 2 windows, you then use the Left Stick to hover your phone and release the stick when your hovered over it.

Interaction Key

Interaction Menu on your own Vehicle

The "Interaction Key" is one of our most important keys. If the interaction key is held or toggled, additional action options could appear on players, vehicles or other objects. If the key is toggled you can see a small green symbol on the right side of the HUD.

In the table below are some examples for interactions that are visible by using the interaction key.

Vehicle (own) Vehicle (all) Player
Set code Insert code Show id
Flip Break Up Give money
Check inspection Refuel (canister) Invite to group
Refuel (gas station)