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The ELAN mods and servers are built, managed, and contributed to by a wide variety of people with various roles and responsibilities.

Most of these positions are filled; however, if you'd like to inquire about a role, you can open a support ticket and describe how you'd like to contribute.

Organization chart

Team Elan Org Chart (Cadet Dime).png


Admins own and develop the ELAN mod and servers. They are the final authority in support tickets, faction issues, and creative direction for the project.

Project Team

Project Team members contribute art assets and other specialized skills to help expand the ELAN project.

Faction Coordinator

The Faction Coordinator is the liaison between the Admins and the player Factions. Currently this only includes Police but may eventually include Medic.

Community Manager

The CM manages a variety of organizations. They also review and approve Whitelist requests.

Event Team

The event team designs, promotes, and hosts events every week where players can earn Event Points and other unique prizes.


Reporters (Press) create articles about stories within the roleplay and post them on the #news-roleplay channel of the discord.

Support Team

The Support Team is responsible for resolving support tickets created by players.


Operators recruit, train, and manage Supporters. They help when a ticket cannot be resolved by a Supporter and ensure consistent standards and judgments in support matters.


Supporters are the first responders to tickets created by players. They judge reports and enforce the Rules.