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The Press Team is Everon's official source for community-driven news on the islands.

The News Building in Montignac


An article from the Everon Daily

Currently, there is only one official news outlet run by the Press Team.

Citizens are also free to organize their own media if they choose, like radio stations, tabloids, and TV channels.

The Everon Daily

The Daily is a newspaper printed in the #news-roleplay channel of the Discord. It covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Events
  • Police activities
  • Notable accomplishments by citizens
  • New additions to the islands.

The press team will sometimes offer paid advertisement space for citizens to promote their businesses. Click here for more details

If you have a lead for an interesting story, find a reporter on the island and request an interview!


Press Vest and Camera

The Press team has access to unique items to help identify them when they're reporting and interviewing citizens, including a blue Press vest and a handheld camera.

These items are only available to members of the Press Team, and are strictly accounted for. If you find one, please return it to any reporter.

Current Roster

Name Title Responsibilities
Carsyn Clyde Editor-in-Chief Managing the Press Team
Timothy Tomington Reporter Investigations, Front-Line Reporting
Tee Reporter Event Coverage, Interviews
The DJ of Everon Reporter Generalist
Clark Roberts Reporter Generalist
Zaniey Reporter Generalist