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"Honore servimus, fortiter defendimus."

The Everon Police Department (EPD) stands as a beacon of safety and order on the island of Everon. Upholding the principle of being both friends and helpers, the EPD is committed to de-escalating conflicts, safeguarding lives, and consistently maintaining a professional demeanor.

General Conduct

  • Officers, when on duty, are mandated to be connected to the official Police Voice Channels.
  • Uniforms are not just attire but a symbol of duty and responsibility. All officers are expected to wear the correct uniform during patrols or official gatherings.
  • The Chain of Command isn't just a hierarchy but the backbone of our operations. While suggestions are welcome, the decision of the most senior officer present is final.
  • Handcuffs, a tool of restraint, are to be used judiciously, ensuring the safety of all parties involved.
  • The EPD's allegiance is to the safety of Everon's citizens. Cooperation or leniency towards entities that threaten this safety is strictly prohibited.

Public Order

The EPD is dedicated to upholding and enforcing the laws of Everon, ensuring a harmonious and orderly environment for all its residents. Officers are trained to handle situations with tact and professionalism, always prioritizing the safety and well-being of the public.

Penal Code

  • Every citizen has the right to pay bond prior to incarceration, except in cases where they pose a significant threat. These are only to be issued by Lieutenants or any officer of a higher ranking.
  • Justice is blind but fair. Charges are applied judiciously to ensure fairness and justice.

Undercover Unit

  • Undercover operations are delicate and require specific conditions. The formation of an undercover unit adheres to strict guidelines to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

Off-Duty Expectations

  • The badge might be off, but the duty remains. Off-duty officers, as representatives of the EPD, must abstain from any illegal activities.
  • The sale of illegal items is strictly prohibited, irrespective of the officer's duty status.

Patrol Sectors

The vast expanse of Everon is divided into various sectors for effective policing. Each sector has its designated radio frequency, ensuring seamless communication.


The EPD values transparency and accountability. Citizens with concerns regarding an officer's conduct can approach an instructor or chief of police in-roleplay. If neither is available, any on-duty officer can be approached to request the presence of an instructor or chief. Every grievance is addressed with the utmost seriousness and diligence.