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Since the end May 2023, having an entry on the whitelist is required to play on Server 3.


In the past more and more players approached us and asked for a place where they could be truly creative. We also understand that on the public hives the roleplay suffers from time to time.

So we wanted you to provide a place where roleplay is number one priority.

What does that mean?

Firstly, no out of character references! Adherence to the Roleplay Rule is especially important when connected to the Whitelist Server. Every interaction you have should be strictly in Roleplay.

Secondly, really value your life. Your life is the most valuable thing you own, fear losing it and don't waste it for no reason.

Lastly, Get Creative! We encourage all players to get involved as unique and interesting characters that'll create involved and rememberable experiences for your fellow islanders.

Due to the extra emphasis on player conduct, we would ask all who are interesting in participating to become intimately familiar with our In-Game Rules.

The Rules for ELAN's Game Servers can be found here.

Applying for Whitelist

In order to ensure there is a certain standard of player on the Whitelisted Server, certain criteria must be met before being allowed to apply:

Minimum Requirements for Application

  1. You must not currently be banned for rule violations.
  2. You must not have been banned in the past 3 weeks.
  3. You must have a verified Discord Account.
  4. You must have a proper Roleplay name. This must consist out of a First and Last name.
  5. Have at least 50-hours played on our Public Servers.

*Players who's in-game reputation is too low will also be unable to apply for the whitelist.

Approval Process

Each Application to the Whitelist Server will be reviewed by the management team to ensure only players that can abide by the rules will be able to join.

If you have recently received a suspension for rule violation(s), your application may be refused for a period of in-game hours so you can demonstate to the management team your behaviour has changed since your last incidient.

Removal of Whitelist

Bad Roleplay

Some players believe "Stop! Hands up or I'll shoot you" qualifies as enough of an interaction to justify lethal force, that is not the case and interactions like these will be grounds for dismissal from our Whitelist Server. Interactions should be longer and more drawn out to allow for Roleplay. Equally, players on the receiving end of a Hostile Encounter should consider their life the most valuable asset they have and not waste it taking unnecessary risks (Reference our RDM and Value of Life Rules for Guidance).

Out-of-character (OOC) interactions/remarks are prohibited. This is true for our Public Servers but will be especially true on our Whitelisted Server. Any language your character would not be aware of in-game (such as: server, admin, ban) are an alien language as far as your character is concerned. This includes asking for help with controls. Anyone using OOC language should be responded to with confusion/non-understanding of the words they're using and be promptly reported to the Support Team.

*These behaviours and others deemed to be of 'Bad Roleplay' will result in the removal of your whitelist status.

Rule Violations

In addition to the infractions mentioned above, rule violations of any kind will be handled by our support team and then referred to management for assessment. If found to be in breach of the rules your whitelist status may be revoked for a period of in-game hours similarly to as described above (As well as a suspension from all ELAN Game Servers).

Your whitelist can be revoked regardless of whether a rule violation is commited on the Whitelist Server or on one of our Public Servers.

If you receive a game suspension for your behaviour on our Discord, you may also have your whitelist revoked.

How to apply

Create Whitelist-Request option under #commands on the ELAN Discord.
Failure to meet the pre-requisite requirements.
A Whitelist Request as been successfully opened.

Opening a Whitelist Request

As stated only verified Discord Accounts will be accepted for the Whitelisted Server.

Navigate to the #commands channel under the Support Category on our Discord and Press the "Create Whitelist-Request" Button. If you meet the requirements outlined above, a Whitelist Ticket will be generated where a member of the management team will contact you to begin the application process.

Roleplay Exam

As part of the onboarding process, we will require all potential applicants to write a detailed text about a character they wish to assume when playing on the Whitelist Server. This should be written in the first person (in-roleplay) and be detailed enough that we can ascertain how comfortable you are at providing a good roleplay experience.

As a general guidline describe your character in detail, roughly 150 words or more; what is it that really defines this character? What are his believes and so on? Spare no detail about who you are, your background and why you would like to immigrate to Everon.

*AI generated content is not accepted as a valid submission. We do require effort into your character development considering you are signing up for a more heavily focused role play experience. If you fail the Roleplay Exam, it cannot be retaken for a minimum of 7 days.