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We have producer for every farming good. The objective is to establish a logical processing system and a farming route. You can look up every route on the "Goods" page.

Producers will produce certain (farming) Items. They can be obtained by pressing F (on PC) on the dedicaded spot (see pictures below). Sometimes an inventory will open up and you have to take out the items and put it in yours. If not, they will be automatically in your inventory. This will level a certain skill. Most of the goods need to be processed before they can be sold.

How they look

Any Mine Marijuana Plantation Mushroom Plantation Oil Well Lumberjack Camp
CopperMine.png MarijuanaPlantation.png Mushrooms.png OilWell.png LumberjackCamp.png

Special Producer

Beehives Quarry
Beehives.png Quarry.png

If you have any questions about the beehives, you should click here: Beehives

The quarry can be used if you reached level 5 of the mining skill. You can access the quarry by the generator next to the NPC. It produces the ore with the highest market price at the moment.