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We have processors for every farming good. The objective is to establish a logical processing system and a farming route. You can look up every route on the "Goods" page.

There are typically two processors for your products at almost every location. They are usually nearby to each other and positioned near the NPC, although some may require you to walk a short distance.

You can interact with these structures and an inventory will appear, allowing you to place and process your items.

How they look

Oil Processor Honey Processor Red/Blue Any Metal Processor Any Wood Processor Vacuum Sealer for Drugs
OilProcessor.png HoneyProcessor.png SilverProcessor.png WoodProcessor.png VacuumSealer.png

Special Processors

At the moment we have 3 special processors. They can be used if you have leveled the right skill. Their advantage is that you can process any kind of item of the same type. At least for the forge and the honey extractor.

For the Forge it's any kind of metal ore, for the honey extractor it's any kind of honey and for the carpentry it spits out any kind of processed wood (you can't decide which of both).

Forge Honey Extractor Carpentry
Forge.png HoneyProfession.png Carpentry.png