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Smuggler's village at sunrise

Gang spots serve as a testament to a group's dominance over rivals and provide certain benefits.


Gang spots are contested through the following framework:

  • A gang spot event is initiated by capturing the flag at the designated location.
  • Members within the event radius contribute to their side's count (either attacker or defender).
  • The ongoing capture progress is indicated by a green bar on the HUD.
  • Participating players can engage and eliminate other participants within the zone without prior interaction.
  • During an active event, players can eliminate other participants without impacting their reputation.
  • If a server restarts, participants have two minutes to resume the event.
  • Once the event concludes, all combat activities must halt immediately.

An event is deemed concluded if:

  1. The attackers accumulate the required points for capture.
  2. The defenders nullify the attackers' points to zero.
  3. No attackers remain within the zone.

Police Interference

The presence and actions of the police force around gang spots are governed by specific guidelines:

  • Patrolling: Police officers are permitted to patrol in the vicinity of gang spots. This ensures the safety of civilians and maintains law and order.
  • Active RP Engagement: If the police are involved in an active role-play (RP) scenario, such as chasing suspects, they are allowed to continue their engagement even if the suspects flee to a gang spot and initiate an event.
  • No Prior Engagement: Police officers are not permitted to engage or intervene in an active gang spot event unless they had a prior RP scenario ongoing. This ensures that the police do not disrupt the dynamics of the gang event without a valid role-play reason.


Special rules govern participants during a gang spot event, differing from standard gameplay.

Refer to Rules for detailed guidelines.

How to Capture

To secure a gang spot, adhere to these steps:

  • Be part of a group.
  • Identify the Team ELAN flag pole.
  • Execute the required action.
  • Engage until victory or defeat (as indicated by the green bar).

Implemented Spots

Smugglers Village


Smugglers Village boasts two vacuum sealers. Upon successful capture, these become accessible to the victorious gang.

Smuggler Chest

There are two smuggler chests in the Smugglers Village.Dependingon the player count they will be filled with illegal goods over time. These goods can be sold to the drug dealer to earn some extra money.

Smuggler Goodies

A local merchant resides in Smugglers Village, offering valuable items such as smokes, weapons, and the microchip.

This merchant exclusively serves the gang currently controlling Smugglers Village.

Hornik Hotel