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Gang Conflict Rules

Conflict at Don Antonio Calvary

If two groups have accepted a conflict at Don Antonio Calvary, members of both parties are allowed to kill each other without any consequences. This is under the condition that the conflict is ongoing and no bystanders are harmed. Both players must be logged in as civilians.

Please note: Combat Logging and VDM will still be penalized.

Police Involvement

Police are permitted to interfere as they would be responding to an active shooting scenario. However, there are specific guidelines they must follow:

  • Engagement: Police should first attempt to de-escalate the situation using non-lethal means. Lethal force is only authorized if officers or civilians are directly threatened.
  • Arrests: Gang members involved in the conflict can be arrested if they pose a direct threat to officers or civilians.

Multiple Gang Wars

If a gang, for instance, Group A, initiates wars with multiple groups, the dynamics of the conflicts are as follows:

  • Group A has initiated a conflict with both Group B and Group C.
  • Group B and Group C are only in conflict with Group A and not with each other.

Given this scenario, Group B and Group C are allowed to collaborate and work together against Group A. This collaboration does not violate the group ruling.