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Group Overview - 05/07/2023

The feature "Groups" is useful if you want to act violently or just want to see your friends on your map. To clarify, groups are a way to create a faction exclusive to players you invite such as friends or trusted associates.

Why create a group?

The reasons for creating groups:

  • They're the only way to see your friends and other players in your group around the map. Keep in mind; they do have to be within a 750 meter radius from you in order for you to see them, and vice versa.
  • They add way more RP to the server in comparison to people who don't have a group active.
  • If you want to act violent with your friends or someone else, you have to be in the same group. If not, you could get banned for not following this. #rules
  • It allows you to fight for the control of group spots that gives you additional advantages.
  • It allows you to share a group account with your members at Don Antonio Calvary.
  • You can compete with other groups in group conflicts.
  • More features will come in the future. Stay tuned!

General informations

Group Upgrades - 05/07/2023

To create a group, you will need to open the player menu with F1 or RIGHT Dpad. Then select the Groups option and pay a fee of $100,000.

You can invite players to join your group by looking at them while holding CAPS or RB, then selecting the "Invite to Group" option.

The group starts with only 4 player slots at the beginning and will have to be upgraded so more players can join the group. The following table provides a rough overview of each upgrade:

Group Upgrades
Upgrade Price Requirements Effect
Expansion (1) 450.000$ - increasing max members to 7
Expansion (2) 900.000$ Expansion (1) increasing max members to 10
Expansion (3) 1.800.000$ Expansion (1)

Expansion (2)

increasing max members to 13
Expansion (4) 3.600.000$ Expansion (1)

Expansion (2)

Expansion (3)

increasing max members to 16
Piggy bank (1) 1.500.000$ - Unlocks the group account with a limit of 5.000.000$. The account can be accessed at Don Antonio Calvary.
Piggy bank (2) 3.000.000$ Piggy bank (1) Increases the group account limit by 5.000.000$.
Piggy bank (3) 4.500.000$ Piggy bank (1)

Piggy bank (2)

Increases the group account limit by 5.000.000$.