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Across the island of Everon garages are located to keep all your vehicles safe. The garages are synchronised between all servers meaning no matter which hive you join or where you spawn your vehicles will be ready for you.


By default, the garage has a capacity for 3 vehicles. If additional space is needed, garage upgrades can be purchased to increase capacity. These additional parking spaces are permanent once purchased and a garage can currently store a maximum of 100 vehicles.

First garage upgrades
Upgrade Capacity Price
1 4 $250,000
2 5 $300,000
3 6 $360,000
4 7 $432,000
5 8 $518,400
6 9 $622,080
7 10 $746,496
Garage NPC - 04/29/2023


  • Saint-Philippe
  • Golf dealer at Gallows Hill
  • Montignac fire station
  • Montignac vehicle store
  • Beetle dealer at Levie
  • Saint-Pierre

For police officers there also garages at both HQ East and South as well as each police station.

Additional information

All vehicles are automatically returned to the garage after an extended period of time where they have been left idle.

At the moment there is no possibility to lose your vehicle (even if it's broken) since it will always be stored in the garage after some time.

Each vehicle has a cost to take out of the garage, half of this fee is refunded when the vehicle is taken back to the garage. However if a police officer impounds a vehicle then the cost to take out of the garage will double the next time it is taken out.