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Welcome to the Crafting-System!   

This system allows all of you on our Island to become a craftsmen. From powerful weapons over stylish clothing up to robust vehicles - the system has something for everyone. Next to dedication, strategic thinking is a must have in order to be a efficient craftsmen. The organization of your farming tours must be carefully considered and is vital for efficient crafting. With different blueprint-levels and requirement-levels for the items produced, this system offers both depth and breadth.

The crafting station


Where to find them

All five blueprint levels

Blueprints are needed in order to craft the item what its for. Blueprints exist in 5 different levels, the higher the level, the rarer the blueprint (white -> gold). These blueprints can generally always be found when you are already earning money (goods on the left). A blueprint can await you as a reward for your hard work at every field, mine or when delivering packages. In additon to that blueprint can also be traded in the auction house.

Blueprint Rarity

Blueprints are categorized into five different rarities:

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Epic (Blue)
  • Secret (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)

How to use

Blueprint learning keybind

If you are a lucky finder of a blueprint, you can learn it via your inventory. Simply select the blueprint in your inventory and use the respective keybind to learn it (PC: F, XBOX: Y)

Merging Blueprints

Blueprint Merging

You can combine six of the same rarity of blueprints into the next highest rarity at the Crafting Station. Just have the blueprints in your inventory and talk to the factory owner inside the main crafting building. You cannot merge legendary blueprints into a higher tier.

Crafting station

The crafting station is the central point of contact for all those who want to use the blueprints they have learned and craft the corresponding item. Inside the crafting station you will find the crafting processors, two NPCs and a small corner where you and your fellow craftsmen can relax after your work is done.

Where to find it

Map location

As the crafting station will be an essential part of our island's economy in the future, it has been given a central location. The crafting station can be found between silver processing and Laruns.

NPC´s within the crafting station

There are three NPC´s located within the area of the Crafting Station. All three give foundational benefits for your future craftsman career.

Auction house

Right next to the entrance to the main factory of the crafting station a employee of the auction house is greeting you. He provides you the opportunity to directly sell your crafted goods on the Player-To-Player market without having to drive to the next bigger city.

Factory owner

Right next to the crafting processors you can see the owner of the factory in his office. Talking to him will give you the possibility to pay a entry fee into the craftsmenship to become a real craftsmen.


When walk past the office of the factory owner you can find another NPC who is willing to take and store your items in a Locker, after you paid the operation fee for that.

Crafting processor

Crafting processor

The crafting processor is the main component you have to use to craft items. When you arrive at the crafting station you may go inside and claim one of the many machines for yourself. After that you may select an item you want to craft. Once a crafting processor is claimed the access is blocked for other players. If there is no interaction for more than 15 minutes the processor will automatically be released so that other players can claim it.

How do I craft?

Each item is made out of different componets that you need to craft before you can craft the final item. This means that you need raw resources like copper, iron or silver eg. to craft components that will then get crafted into the final item like a car, weapon or truck.

Crafting terminal

Vehicle crafting

You can craft vehicle documents in the crafting processor as usual. Those documents can then be redeemed to add the vehicle into your garage.(Same keybind as the learn blueprint function) The documents can also be sold to other players via the auction house.

Crafting Trader

Crafting Trader

If you have leftover parts, you can sell them other players on the AH, or you can take them to the Crafting Trader south of Regina. They will buy crafting components for half the value of the resources needed to craft them.