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Combat Zone (central)

In the exciting and competitive game mode known as the Combat Zone, players battle in teams of two to take control of key locations.


The Combat Zone operates through the following framework:

  • Players join by connecting to the designated server during the scheduled event times.
  • Participants choose from a variety of provided loadouts and vehicles, themed for the Combat Zone.
  • Players can respawn at predetermined spawn points as often as needed.
  • Points are earned by capturing and holding different types of positions, indicated by colored marks on the MAP:
  Green positions: Few points
  Orange positions: Medium points
  Red positions: High points
  • The current leaderboard can be accessed via the menu keybind:
    Combat Zone leaderboard
  PC: Press F4
  XBOX: Click Left DPad

Leaderboard Features

The leaderboard provides detailed information including:

  • Participants
  • Point limit
  • Time Limit
  • Duration
  • Flags (Capture points and ownership)
  • Rankings, top 5 groups with the most accumulated points

Event conclusion:

  1. A group has accumulated the point limit.
  2. The time limit is over.
  3. The staff team ends the event.

Special Conditions and Rules

Special rules apply during the Combat Zone event:

  • Loadouts are not saved after the event.
  • All actions are deactivated during the Combat Zone on the respective server.
  • Reputation is turned off.
  • Each team has its own radio encryption for secure communication.
  • Disruptive behavior will result in immediate exclusion from the server.
  • Spawncamping is strictly forbidden.
  • Offenses detected by team members during the event will be punished; support will not handle cases after the event.

How to Play

To join and play in the Combat Zone, follow these steps:

  • Connect to the designated server during the event time.
  • Select a loadout from the provided options.
  • Engage in combat to capture and hold positions.
  • Monitor the leaderboard to track your team's progress.

Implemented Features


Players can respawn at predetermined spawn points as often as needed, allowing for continuous participation and multiple attempts to capture positions.

Secure Radios

Each group has its own radio encryption to ensure secure communication during the event.

Team Markers

Your teammates are marked by a hexagon to identify them amidst the chaos, helping with coordination and reducing friendly fire.

Loadout Selection

Participants can choose from a variety of loadouts.

Vehicle Selection

Players can select from multiple vehicles to spawn with.

Bug Reporting

As an early implementation of the game mode, bugs may occur. Players are encouraged to report any issues to help improve the mode.


In the thrilling saga of the Combat Zone's inaugural event, the battlefield was alive with strategic maneuvers and fierce competition. The Capital Crime Family emerged as the first champions, showcasing their cunning and coordination. Close behind them were the Peaky Blinders, known for their relentless drive, and the Beach Boys, who brought their own unique style to the fray. Among the standout individuals were Pexii, Levi Tate, and Bryan Buck. Pexii's lightning-fast reflexes, Levi Tate's sharpshooting prowess, and Bryan Buck's tactical acumen became legendary. Their performances not only secured their teams' places in history but also set a high bar for all future competitors in the Combat Zone. This epic first event laid the foundation for countless thrilling battles to come.