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Citizens have several shops available on the island where they can buy equipment, clothing, weapons, vehicles, and more.

Some shops are available in multiple locations, while others are unique to one spot. A few of them aren't even shown on the map!

Reputation can affect the price of items in shops; the better your Reputation, the better the discount!

You can find a list of all purchasable items and their prices in the Price Guide

General Store

The General Store in Montignac

The General Store provides a variety of everyday equipment for citizens.

Store Location Inventory
General Store Markets in Main Towns

Crafting Station

Starting Location

Gas Stations

Common equipment like Maps, Smartphones, Bandages, Radios, and more

Clothing Stores

Willi's Clothing Store in Montignac

There are many clothing shops available on the island for citizens to customize their look.

Store Location Inventory
Willi's Markets in Main Towns Military Surplus and Backpacks
OLDCar's Markets in Main Towns Classic casual wear
Luca's Markets in Main Towns Modern fashion
Robert's Markets in Main Towns Durable working clothes
Outpost Clothing Outpost Military uniforms and helmets
Suit Shop Tailoring Suit Jackets and Pants
Priest of Light Montignac Church Robes of Light
Mystery Shop Hidden Dresses and more

Weapon Stores

Citizens can purchase different weapons, both legal and otherwise, at a few locations.

Store Location Inventory
Weapon Shop Morton Legal Weapons (PM, M9, M16)
Uncle Corti Outpost Illegal Weapons (M16, M21 SWS, AK-74, RPK-74) and lockpicking sets
Smuggler's Goodies Smuggler's Outpost Smoke Grenades, SA-58P

Vehicle Stores

Luca's Vehicle Imports in Levie

Citizens can purchase many different vehicles in several colors and configurations

Store Location Inventory
Car Shop Main Towns, Camp of the Forsaken UAZ Jeeps and Vans, American Jeeps
Truck Shop Main Towns American and Ural trucks
Luca's Vehicle Imports Levie Pickup Trucks
Import Vehicles Meaux and Regina Sarka Car and Van
VW Car Dealer Southeast of Saint-Philippe VW Rolf
Military Vehicles Outpost Humvee variants
Strange Man Hidden Banana Van

Other Stores

There are some other stores that sell unique items.

Store Location Inventory
Botany Store Laruns Cotton and Nature Weed seeds
Faction Shops Shared with Faction memberse Equipment and vehicles for police, press, and other factions.
Prison Shop State Prison Prison Clothing