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The Everon Police Department (EPD) stands as a beacon of safety and order on the island of Everon. Upholding the principle of being both friends and helpers, the EPD is committed to de-escalating conflicts, safeguarding lives, and consistently maintaining a professional demeanor.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the roleplay environment by providing a dedicated, creative, and realistic law enforcement experience. We believe in a community where roleplay is the forefront of every interaction, maintaining a high standard of conduct and realism.

We provide the stage, you bring your story to life.

Core Principles

Professionalism - Every action and interaction as a member of the Police Force must be conducted with the utmost professionalism and in character at all times.

Integrity - Your moral compass guides your character's actions; uphold the law and your personal values above all.

Innovation - We encourage you to bring unique and compelling law enforcement characters to life, enriching the roleplay experience for everyone on the island.

We urge all applicants to familiarize themselves with our In-Game Rules, with a particular focus on law enforcement roleplay standards.

The comprehensive list of ELAN's Game Servers rules can be found here.

Applying for the Police Force

Joining the Police Force requires meeting specific criteria to ensure the quality and dedication of our officers:

Minimum Requirements for Application

  1. A verified Discord Account.
  2. No C7 role on the Discord. (Mute)
  3. Minimum of 50-hours played on our servers.
  4. In game reputation above Neutral

Important References

Before completing your application, we strongly encourage all potential applicants to familiarize themselves with the following key resources to ensure a thorough understanding of our community's standards and expectations:

  • The Police Department - Gain insight into the roles, responsibilities, and ethos of the Everon Police Department.

Approval Process

Applications are thoroughly reviewed by the police council to ensure compatibility with the Police Force's values and roleplay standards. Past suspensions or violations may impact the application, necessitating a demonstration of improved behavior and commitment to the EPD.

How to Apply

Navigate to the Police Application section on the ELAN Discord.
Failure to meet the pre-requisite requirements.
Confirmation of a successful Police Application submission.

Submitting a Police Application

When you meet all the requirements you can start your application process. To apply, go to the #applications channel under the Police catagory on our Discord and select the "Submit an application" button. A ticket will be created, and a member of the police council will eventually get back to you.

Roleplay / Job Application Competency Test

A key part of the application process the competency test, where applicants must demonstrate their ability to create and portray a detailed law enforcement character. This test includes a written submission, outlining your character's backstory, values, and reasons for joining the Police Force on Everon. Do note that everything in this application has to be completely within RP. There should be no mentions of words like Server, admin etc as those would classify as fail RP. Any submission outside of the RP will therefor be declined.

*Submissions must be original and demonstrate a serious commitment to roleplay. AI-generated content is not accepted. Failure of this test results in a minimum waiting period of 14 days before reapplication is permitted.