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Gesture menu

In our mod, we have our own animations and gestures, so you can express yourself without even talking. We added our own "Jump in/out Vehicle" animations for the VW-Golf, and more are yet to come. There are over 20 different gestures to choose from. They were all self-made and implemented in our own mod file.

If you are good at animating and think you can improve our current animations, please open up a ticket in our Discord under '#commands' and get in contact with us!

Everything you need to know

You can access the gestures menu by GRAVE | F3 for PC or Hold LEFT DPad for Xbox. If not, please check your Controls.

You will find a Menu with 5 selectable animations.

You can activate a gesture by selecting the desired animation and pressing it.

There are more gestures you can choose from. Simply select the next wheel by pressing E for the next site or Q for the past site on PC. For Xbox it's RB and LB.

In addition to that you can holster your weapon via the gesture menu.