Gas station robbery

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Two gangsters at Rudi's gas station

Gas station robberies offer a thrilling opportunity for criminals across all gas stations on the island of Everon. While it's a lucrative venture for those in a group, it's not without its risks.


To initiate a gas station robbery, the following conditions must be met:

  • The robber must be armed.
  • A minimum of 6 police officers must be online.
  • Only one gas station can be targeted at a given time. If a station was recently hit, it enters a cooldown period, preventing further robberies. However, other stations remain available.

How it works

A locked box

Upon starting a robbery, a 5-minute timer begins. During this window:

  • Robbers must stay within the gas station's vicinity to keep the robbery active. Leaving disables the ability to open any boxes.
  • A map alert is triggered, notifying nearby individuals of the ongoing crime.
  • A dispatch is sent to the police, prompting them to respond.

After the 5-minute countdown, several boxes within the station become accessible. These boxes contain puzzles, one of two types, that must be solved to access the cash inside.

The robbery is terminated if the initiating individual:

  • Leaves the designated area.
  • Is killed.
  • Gets handcuffed.