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Team-ELAN Arma Life is real-life role-playing multiplayer mod for Arma Reforger. Within this modification you play and embody a character of your choice on our servers.

On our servers you are not limited in roleplaying and you can try your hand at whatever you feel like. Currently you can spend your time with us as a civilian or as a police officer. In the future, there will be other factions aswell.

Civilians represent the normal citizen within the mod. They try to earn money through different jobs and slowly but surely build up their wealth. Besides the jobs we provide, you can also find countless ways to earn money in the roleplay. For example, you can give other players a code to your vehicle for an amount you set - this way you can build up a side leg as a vehicle lender. Of course, you are also free to rebel against the state and the police or to rob other civilians of their belongings.

If you'd rather watch out for your fellow citizens and uphold the law, you should check out the Everon Police Department (EPD). The EPD offers you a steady salary and you can stand up for your fellow citizens. In addition to the usual patrolling, you can set up checkpoints, perform traffic controls, hand out traffic tickets, or even specifically search for criminals and put them behind bars.

No matter what you decide - we are looking forward to you! No matter what you decide - we are looking forward to you!