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A typical parcel station on Everone

Everone parcel service has located 12 parcel stations. Parcels can be picked up and delivered at these stations.

With the establishment of the parcel service, the profession of parcel carrier was born.

How does the parcelsystem work?

Destination station of the parcel
Payment on delivery of a parcel

Every citizen can pick up and deliver parcels at the parcel stations.

When the parcel is delivered to the destination station, the person receives payment in the form of money depending on the distance to the starting station. If the citizen is employed by the parcel service of Everone, he will receive a bonus on his payment based on the skill level (parcel delivery).

With every parcel delivered, the experience level increases. Citizens with the profession parcel carrier got 35% more experience.

Furthermore, every employed parcel carrier with a delivering skill equal or grearer level 5 has the chance to receive an express parcel when accepting a parcel. This parcel must be delivered within a fixed time. If this is done successfully, the payment is doubled.

Special to the parcel station

Accepting an express delivery

Each parcel station has a stock of parcels.

Means that not infinite parcels can be picked up at one station.

At a fixed interval, each station receives a new delivery of parcels and parcel carriers can accept additional deliveries.