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The Outpost is a unique location on the island where players can purchase various items, ranging from exclusive clothing to powerful weapons. While many of the weapons available at the Outpost are illegal, there is one notable exception: the M16, which is legal to purchase and own.

Traders and Services

The Garage: This Trader handles all vehicle-related services. Visitors can store their vehicles, retrieve them from the garage, or purchase one of the available Humvees.

Clothing Shop: This Trader offers a unique range of clothing options, available exclusively at the Outpost.

Weapon Dealer: This Trader Specializes in weaponry, providing a range of illegal weapons. However, they also sell the legal M16 rifle. Beware: possession of illegal weapons can lead to trouble with the police.

Items and Prices

Weapons and Magazines:
Weapon Name Price ($) Magazine Name Price ($)
M16A2 350,000 5.56x45 STANAG 30rnd 8,500
M21 500,000 7.62x51 M14 20rnd 8,850
VZ58 715,000 7.62x39 Vz58 30rnd 9,500
AK74 750,000 5.45x39 AK 30rnd 10,500
RPK74 825,000 5.45x39 RPK 45rnd 35,000
Clothing Name Price ($)
M70 Cap 1,500
PASGT Helmet 11,500
PASGT Helmet (Camo) 11,500
SSh68 Helmet 11,500
SSh68 Helmet (Camo) 11,500
BDU Jacket(s) 5,250
M70 Parka Jacket 17,500
Combat Trousers 6,000
BDU Trousers 6,750
M70 Trousers 17,500
Combat Boots 1,250
M70 Backpack 19,500
Vehicle Name Price ($)
M998 Light Utility Vehicle 150,000
M998 Light Utility Vehicle (Camo) 150,000
M998 Light Utility Vehicle - Canopy 175,000
M998 Light Utility Vehicle - Canopy (Camo) 175,000
M1025 Light Armored Vehicle 250,000
M1025 Light Armored Vehicle (Camo) 250,000


Among the many tales that circulate around the Outpost, the legend of the "Ghost of Levitate" stands out. It is said that many years ago, a citizen known for his striking Red Gurkha outfit met an untimely end at the Outpost. Since then, visitors have occasionally reported seeing this figure levitating a few inches off the ground, especially during the twilight hours. Some believe he's searching for his lost items, while others think he's guarding a hidden treasure. Whether it's a tale spun by imaginative minds or a genuine apparition, the story adds an air of mystery to the Outpost, making it an even more intriguing place to visit.