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The casino building in Saint-Philippe

The Casino is located in a quiet street in the middle of the town of Saint-Philippe, in the north of Everon. As a meeting point for all those who want to take the chance to multiply their hard-earned dollars and love the risk involved.


Currently, the Casino offers three classic games that are unsurpassed in popularity (Blackjack, Roulette & Slots).


Blackjack game

In blackjack, everyone plays against the dealer. The object of the game is to beat the dealer. To do this, you have to get closer to 21 points than him with two or more playing cards or, in the best case, hit this value exactly. If the player's hand ends up higher than 21, you lose.

At the beginning of the game, the player had to set his bet. After this is done, one of the dealer's cards is already turned face up. After that, the player draws as many cards as he wants. If the player is satisfied with his hand, the dealer draws his cards. After that, the result of the game and the resulting winnings - if any - are paid out.


  • Playerhand is exactly 21 -> Bet x 4
  • Playerhand is bigger than Dealerhand -> Bet x 2
  • Dealerhand is bigger than 21 and Playerhand is below 21 -> Bet x 2
  • Playerhand is equal to Dealerhand -> Bet gets paid back


Roulette game

For the game serves a table with a roulette wheel, which has a ring with 37 numbered colored number compartments. First, they place their bets on which color* box the ball will probably land in. After the insert is made, the wheel is set in motion. As soon as the wheel stops spinning, the winnings - if any - are paid out directly.
*It is not possible to bet on specific numbers.

Color Payout
Red 2x
Black 2x


Slots game

Slots is the game with the simplest game mechanics.

To play slots the player just needs to set a bet before the game starts. Subsequently, the 4 wheels are spun. When all the wheels come to a stop, the winnings - if any - are paid out.


  • If the player gets three of a kind -> Bet x 2
  • If the player gets four of a kind -> Bet x 10


Gambling in casinos has a long tradition. In many countries, there is a casino in most cities. In the meantime, the first casino with a concession was also established on Everon. This has been considered a meeting place for risk-loving people since its inception. Currently, the casino is operated by the state, but this is expected to change over time.