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Airdrop Event Overview

The Airdrop Event is a thrilling occurrence on the island, triggered randomly when the server population exceeds 80 or more players. This event centers around a military supply crate filled with valuable gear, dropped into a designated zone on the map. The event transforms the area into a temporary Kill on Sight (KOS) zone, where players can engage in combat to claim the airdrop's contents.

Event Mechanics

Upon activation, players are notified about the impending airdrop, with coordinates provided shortly after. This kicks off a race to the drop zone, where players must balance the risk of combat with the reward of high-value loot.

As players enter the marked event zone, they are warned that the area is now active and combat is expected. Participation is voluntary, but once inside the zone, players must be prepared for immediate engagement.

At the heart of the event is the airdrop crate itself, which becomes accessible after a countdown. Players must defend the crate or strategize to claim its contents once it unlocks.

A unique twist to the event is the artillery threat. Within a set timeframe, it the zone will be destroyed by an artillery strike, marking the end of the event.

Participation Guidelines

Eligibility: Only civilians can participate in the airdrop event.

Combat Rules: Players are allowed to engage in combat within the event zone. Those lingering near the zone's edge are also considered participants.

Event Conclusion: Combat must cease immediately once the event concludes.

Event Images

Results and Inventory Images


In the annals of the Airdrop Event, one tale stands out for its cunning and treachery, forever changing the dynamics of trust on the battlefield. Dime, a figure once held in high esteem among the island's most formidable participants, orchestrated a deceit that would become legendary. During one particular event, Dime copied the attire of his long-time comrade, Levitate, effectively masquerading as his ally amidst the chaos. As Levitate navigated the treacherous zone, he encountered what he believed to be a familiar face, only to be met with a question that sealed his fate: "Who is this?" Before he could react, Dime, under the guise of friendship, delivered a fatal shot, abruptly ending Levitate's participation and marking a stunning act of betrayal. This incident sent shockwaves through the community, serving as a stark reminder that in the heat of the Airdrop Event, trust is a luxury few can afford. It underscored the event's unpredictable nature, where alliances are fleeting, and survival often hinges on the razor's edge of cunning and betrayal.